:-( Time to say Goodbye. feediary is closing on the 1st of November.


Your unique RSS reader.

Browse your favourite content, with zero tracking & zero ads.

Stop bloating your feed and start actually consuming the content you love.

The reader interface, once as shown on an desktop browser and once as shown on an mobile browser

Why feediary?


We don't buy into popularity and look past the likes. With feediary, you only have to feed yourself the content you truly care about.

Keep it fresh

We make sure your content is served fresh. Hot off the press means frequent updates, and we refresh your feeds every two minutes.

No tracking

We don't track users and we minimize usage of third-party providers. Your privacy, security and peace of mind, is everything to us.

No ads

We're not supposed to feed our bodies junk, so why our minds? An organic business is like a healthy diet – with no additives. Our business model simply doesn't need advertisements.

All platforms

Our strict, ad-free diet keeps our body healthy and flexible; we work on all current browsers, on your mobile and on your desktop.

No crap

We like a clean interface and know that the fewer the distractions, the better your content tastes. Immerse yourself into what really matters.

Talk to us!

Have a question? Ask away. We're open, friendly and would love to help you out.

No tricks...

...just treats. Our pricing model is transparent and a PRO subscription can be cancelled at any time. Oh, and we won't spam you either. Marketing emails just aren't cool.