How to use Youtube to make money

Unless you have been living under a rock since 2005, you must have heard of Youtube. The Google-owned video-sharing site has been a favourite time-waster, educational tool and trend-setter for the entire world. Almost every Internet user has visited Youtube at least once, and that says a lot about the power and popularity that it has.

Many people are unaware of the fact that, with the proper content and some hard work, you can make decent money through the site. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make money from Youtube –

1. Decide the content

Obviously, you have to make videos to enter into the Youtube world. Your content can be something simple like short “guides” on how to use certain software, or something incredibly complex like a 6-member electronic rock band performing live in a garage. Musicians and comedians usually have the most popular videos, and some of them earn truckloads of money. This is because “entertainment” and relaxation is a huge reason why people visit Youtube.

2. Make an Outline

So you’ve decided what type of videos to make. What now? Well, it’s time to extend your idea. Make a basic outline of the types of videos you’re trying to make. Initially keep your budget as low as possible (Rs 0 is highly preferred!).

3. Create a Channel

This is obviously the easiest step. If you don’t have a Youtube account already, create it using the usual way you create an account on any website. Having a Google Account makes the process even quicker.

After creating an account, you get a “channel” of your own, where you’ll upload your videos. Try to keep your channel as unique as possible, using the cool editing features offered.

4. Create Videos and Edit

Here’s the tricky part. You obviously need to shoot your own videos (unless you have a friend to help out). Make sure that your camera records good quality video AND audio. Take your time and shoot from multiple angles if required.

Then comes editing. Even if you shoot your videos with the best camcorder in the market, the end result would still be horrible if the editing is bad. Take some hours out of your day and research online to learn basic editing skills. A good software for beginners is the “Windows Live Movie Maker” (Can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website), but pros can use something more advanced from Adobe or Sony. Use some copyright-free cool background music if you want, to “spice up” the video.

5. Upload Videos

So your video is ready, and safely stored in your PC. It’s time to open up Youtube, log in to your account and upload the video. This doesn’t require any explanation as Youtube explains the process very clearly. But here are some tips to keep in mind –

* It’s preferable to upload in .wmv format.
* Make sure your video doesn’t contain any copyrighted material (Movie scenes, Pop songs etc.) unless you have taken explicit permission, otherwise the video will be taken down by Youtube.
* Title the video properly and give a helpful description. Also, add relevant search tags, so that people can search for your video easily.

6. Promote Videos

Now that the video is uploaded, you’ll get a link, through which you can access the video. SHARE that link. Now’s the time those 500+ Facebook friends come in handy. Post it on your wall, and request your friends to share it to. Most of the videos on YouTube with low views fail to get popular because the uploader doesn’t “promote” it. So yeah, don’t expect your video views to magically rise. You hae to make them rise.

7. Wait…

Once the promotion is in motion, your side of the job is done. Now wait for the views to come. Getting views on YouTube really depends 60% on the quality of your video and 40% on sheer dumb luck.

So if you do get lucky (and about 1000+ views) on one of your videos, you’ll receive an e-mail from YouTube, inviting you to “monetize” the video. This would mean that your video will now have advertisements appearing beside them. If the viewers click those ads (or watch them), you’ll get a part of the ad revenue earned.

8. Place Ads

Once you accept the offer for monetisation, and your video gets approved, you’ll be asked to choose the placement of your ads. You’ll have three options :-

* Text ads on the videos
* Video ads (can be shown before or after your video)
* Animated/Stationary ads beside your video

9. “Adsense”

Google’s “Adsense” service is used to calculate and distribute revenue on Youtube videos. You’ll need atleast ONE monetised video in order to integrate Adsense. It is a fairly simple process that can be achieved through your account settings (see below screenshot for the exact location). Make sure that you enter the same “Name” as the one in your bank account.

NOTE : – If you are creating a new adsense account, make sure that your channel is at least moderately popular. Don’t try to make an adsense account for a brand new channel, it’ll get rejected.

10. Profit!!!

Once the money due to you crosses a defined limit (usually $100), you’ll recieve a cheque containing the amount. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! If you haven’t, don’t lose hope and keep trying.

Youtube is an amazing place, so remember to enjoy doing what you do and be a part of the community.



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