Hi, I’m John Richards, your local SEO Expert. I work exclusively with small businesses that depend on local consumers for business.

Why should you listen to me?

Like you, I am a small business owner who’s lively hood depended on getting business from the locals. I started my first home based business in 2005. I’m a bit shy, so going out, meeting people, shaking babies and kissing hands was never my thing. I knew if I was going to survive, I needed to have a website on the first page of Google! So I did what most business owners do. I paid a someone to build a website and hired other companies to do other forms of internet marketing for me.

After the first year of getting ripped off and barely getting by, I decided I needed to learn everything I could about local online marketing web design, SEO, PPC, and anything related to internet marketing and fire all of those bozos. It was the beginning of my evolution as a local SEO expert.

It took me almost a month to build my first website. But it was worth it because in less than a month my website was on the first page of Google. In 2006 there were a lot less websites than their are today, so it was a little easier back then.

Nobody Is Perfect

I have had set backs. My website actually got dropped off the face of Google because I tried to take some short cuts. At first, my website went to number #1 for my most competitive keyword. When Google caught on to what I was doing my website dropped like an anchor. I learned the hard way, there are no short cuts if you want long term internet success!

As I became more educated, a funny thing happened. I was becoming a local SEO expert and consultant. Other business owners would ask me “Who does your internet stuff?” When I told them I did, they would start asking me questions. Then I began getting phone calls from people saying “So and so told me I should call you.” Everybody I helped would ask me how I knew so much about SEO and internet marketing. It’s actually pretty easy. All I did was give up sleep, took the time to educate myself, got experience doing the work and I still had to go out everyday and do the jobs I was generating.

All of the people I have helped in the past told me I was in the wrong business and encouraged me become a local SEO consultant. So that’s what I did.

Today, I sell the leads from my old company website to one of my former competitors. He could never get to the first page of Google!

I want to help more local business owners get real results from their internet marketing efforts.

When I did pay for local SEO expert services, they never had terms and conditions that I liked. I hated getting stuck in long term contracts, set up fees, no exclusivity and no guarantees. So I wanted Local Online Marketing HQ to be different.

What Makes Us Different?

1. There are no long term contracts!
Our local SEO services are month to month and you can cancel any time.

2. There are no set up fees!
Set up fees are how most companies make their money. They do this knowing most businesses won’t renew because the services they provide SUCK!

3. You get exclusivity!
As long as you remain our client, we will not work with any of your competitors.