Most mobile campaigns need a mobile landing page. These pages can be crafted by a professional or by the company themselves. When crafted there are some key ideas to keep in mind.

The first key idea is to never require the user to use the horizontal scrolling. It would be very annoying to keep scrolling back and forth to read or see the entire web page. The user will become frustrated and give up. They will no longer consider the company and move on to the company’s competitor.

The second key idea is to have a page that loads quickly. A potential customer who may be leery about visiting the company’s website in the first place, will not wait for it to load. They will simply move on, perhaps to the competitors. Therefore, no page should exceed 100 kilobytes so that the page will load very quickly.

Users need to be given a search function. This will allow the user to quickly find their way around the site. When the user can easily navigate the company’s site, they will view the company as an authority in the area. The web page has less than six seconds to impress the viewer, do not waste it frustrating the viewer. They will not return.

Each website should provide a clear call to action. It is easy enough to create a website for each campaign, that each one should only have one call to action. It should be the point of the whole website. When viewing the website the viewer should know exactly what the company wants the viewer to do.

Each page of the website should have the same colors. This assures the viewer that they have not left the company’s website. Make sure that the reader can feel confident that they have not left familiar territory. Other ways to do this include using the same navigation toolbar and using the same font.

The most valuable piece of territory on any web page is the upper left hand corner. Use it wisely to draw the viewer into the rest of the web page. When the viewer looks at that corner of the web page, they should know what you want them to do when viewing that web page.

When a user views a web page on a mobile device, the URL needs to be shortened to under 40 characters. There are several URL shorterener programs available, when necessary use one.

Each page needs a page title. On a mobile landing page, the page title needs to be under 45 characters. Mobile phones users that bookmark the company’s web site get only 25 characters, so make sure that those 25 characters, allow the users to know what the site is about.

When designing the website, make sure to do so in a single column. Do not use double columns. They may work well on a regular screen, but they do not work well with mobile landing screen. v Video is a great way to enhance the viewer’s experience. Most viewers will watch only 16 seconds of the video, so make sure those 16 seconds are put to the best use.

When a company keeps these points in mind, they will have a strong mobile landing site. Remember that the company has less than six seconds to impress the viewer. Use them wisely.