Over 90 percent of all adults have a mobile phone. Of those people, over 61 percent of them play games on their mobile phones. Therefore, it is a great platform to promote your business. Imagine using that game to promote your business.

Games take on a variety of formats. One of the most popular types of games is action games. These games require the player to complete an action within a certain amount of time. The good news for business owners is that the action can be something related to your industry. For instance, if you are a restaurant, the player can try to prepare meals for guests in a pretend restaurant. Meanwhile, each player can receive messages about your business. The longer the person plays the game the more messages they see about your company greatly increasing brand recognition.

Another popular type of game is adventure games. These games keep the player looking for the prize at the end of the game. When a popular game, such as a great adventure game, is produced people often share it with their friends. This will get your company message before even more people.

Yet another popular type of game is casino games. In some areas, these games can be used to give out real prizes. As contestants redeem their prizes, they feel great about your company. Using casino games is a great way to build customer good will.

News games can be industry specific. When you need to educate your customers on some aspect of your business then a news game can be used to do the teaching. The customer is having fun playing and they are learning the information that you need the customer to learn.

Everyone loves to prove that they know more about a given subject than anyone else. That is why quiz games are so popular. Tie the game into your geographic area and use messages built within the game to promote your product. Those living in the area will be thrilled to play your game built on locations that they know well.

People love to play strategy games. A great mobile strategy game can also encourage players to get special clues from visiting real locations. This can be used to drive traffic into the door of your business. Customer in the door equals more sales greatly increasing the return on investment.

All ages love to play games. They are a great way to increase customer interest in your business. Customers will play popular games repeatedly. As they do you are building brand recognition. Games can also be used to provide information to the customer. In this way, they can see your business as an expert in the area. They can also be used to drive traffic into your brick and mortar location. Games also can be used to build customer good will. Games are also easy to send to a friend or family member so that even more people are seeing your message.