One thing about airsoft that I’ve found is that is contagious, especially when it comes to having your battle bros buying new gear!

In this case Kelly and I started it, so naturally after Chuck and Seth sampled our new toys it was reworking budgets and off to the shop for those two!

First up is my boy Chuck! He got hooked with a APS ACP Full Metal CO2 Powered Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol (which will probably be one of my next purchases) to have a very realistic sidearm that is light but powerful. Chucky also decided to add to his heavy weapon collection and got a ICS MGL Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher. This thing looks scary and is like a shotgun on crack! He added a bandolier and bought another dozen MGL shells for never ending fun.

Seth loved Kelly’s new rifle when he shot it so he decided to get a similar one, the CAA Licensed M4 Carbine Airsoft GBB Rifle. With a flashlight and red dot optic this thing looks like the real deal! A couple of extra mags and a sling later, Seth was ready for battle at an excruciating 450 fps!

So properly geared up we decided to hook up with another team and hit the outdoor arena to help each other out with squad tactic drills and movements. Getting our signals down is key if we want to work as a deadly 4 man (3 man, one hottie!) squad.
We worked on tactical moves and covering fire advance moves, as well as alternating fire to work on fast reloads when things get sick.

Having another team to help out with tactical positioning and different scenarios was really helpful, a favor that we returned for them. The cool thing is that you get to learn from both sides and get good ideas. The downside (possibly) is that when/if we face off against these guys they know our moves (though of course that goes both ways).

Either way, a big thank you to David and his crew was in order. Fortunately, our boy Seth has his band booking biz  so we hooked up David and his bunch up with a free show that we joined them for! Lots of fun!

Oh and we got an update on our new friend “Buddy” (read previous posts for more info on this AAA bad@ss). He sent us an email from his deployment which he said and I quote, was from “a place that rhymes with ‘mysteria’. So Syria? I thought the US didn’t have troops on the ground there? Yeah.

I hope you get to read this bro, we are praying for ya to be safe (as possible) and almost feeling sorry for the bad guys in your field of view (almost). You gotta come back and kick our butts some more. Or even better, kick some butt with us!