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Account and Settings

I'd like to change my display name, email address, password or credit card details. Where can I do that?

Nothing simpler than that: You can change all your important data in your dashboard.

I'd like to upgrade to the PRO membership. Where can I do that?

Fantastic idea! With a PRO membership you don't only get access to cool features like lists, themes, unlimited sources and advanced full text search, but you also support feediary to grow a healthy business that is here to stay! You can easily upgrade your membership to PRO in your dashboard or here.

I'd like to downgrade my account to the free plan. How does that work?

We are sorry to hear that! Is there anything you are missing? Please let us know! As promised you can downgrade your account to the free plan at any time. Please visit your dashboard to do so. By switching to the free plan you will instantly lose all your PRO features. You won't be able to see your lists anymore and if you're subscribed to more than 50 feeds, we will only show the last 50 ones. The lost data won't be recovered when you update to PRO again later. feediary will not charge your credit card with any further payments from that day on. We don't partially reimburse you for the days you have already paid for in advance and which go lost due to your downgrade.

I'd like to download all my account data. Is this possible somehow?

Why, yes! You can download all your account data here. This json file does not only include all the data that we've got from you (you'll be surprised how little it is!) but also all your feeds.

I want to delete my account. What can I do?

We are heartbroken to lose you as our user! If you want to share the reasons, please do so and drop us a line. We are thankful for your feedback! You can delete your account here. Keep in mind that we will delete all your user data immediately and that they'll be forever gone. If you have a PRO account the billing will end with the next billing cycle.

Feeds - basic features

I've got a list of feeds already. Can I import it somewhere?

Sure! If you're migrating from another RSS reader, you might have downloaded an OPML file with all your favourite feeds. With our import tool you can swiftly upload them to feediary and keep on reading.

I've tried to add a feed, but it couldn't be found. What can I do?

If you enter a URL to add a new feed, feediary starts to scan this website in seach for an RSS feed. If we cannot find any, you'll get an error message. In such case you can try to enter a more precise URL (like blog.feediary.com instead of feediary.com) or look for the exact RSS URL (often ending with .xml or /feed or /rss). If you still don't succeed, please contact us and we will check for you!

What is Read Later?

If you find an item interesting, but don't have time to read it now you can add it to Read Later. This way the item won't show up in your Reader anymore, but can be easily found in your Read Later section.

What are Favourites?

You like an item? Then favourite it! On your Favourite page you will always find all your fave items and you can read/watch/listen to them again and again...

What is the Archive?

If you have marked an item as »read« it will automatically be moved to your Archive. This way it is no longer among your latest items, but not completely gone.

I'd like to share my list of feeds with my friends. Does feediary provide this feature?

Yep! In your feeds overview you will find this »Share my feeds list« button. It shows all your feeds. You can use this URL to share it with your friends. By default this list is private, but you can make it public in your settings.

Feeds - PRO features

I've read about lists. But where can I find them?

To use lists you need a PRO account. Lists help you to organise your content close to your heart. Create as many lists as you want and make feediary to your feediary! To upgrade to PRO please go to your dashboard. You will find your lists right under your feeds.

Full view, simple view - what's the difference?

To use lists you need a PRO account. Simple view means we will only show the content the site makes available to their feed. When switching to Full view we will try to display the whole page so you don't have to visit the page to see all the content.

Where can I change the theme?

To use lists you need a PRO account. Come this way to change the theme just according to your mood.

Still some questions?

We'd love to hear from you, so please do say hello and hit us with those questions of yours