Hello feediary

Hello and a warm welcome from the feediary team. We will use this blog to write about the development of feediary, about new features and about RSS in general.

What is feediary?

feediary is an RSS reader on the web for the web. Read your favorite blogs and news sites, listen to great podcasts and watch videos from a youtube playlist. All of this is possible using feediary. All in a clean interface without being distracted by ads. We also don't change your timeline, items will be shown in the order they got published. Furthermore, we don't show you if an article is popular. Decide on your own if you like the content and don't get manipulated by likes and popularity.

We also don't track you and keep the use of third-party to a minimum to respect your privacy.

Here to stay

Free access for everyone seems awesome at first, but no service can survive from free users only. We could show you lots of ads and sell your data to third-party services to make enough money to keep this service running.

We don't like ads, so why should we bother our users with ads. That's why there is a PRO account – a paid subscription. Every single PRO account helps us to further develop feediary and support our existing users. We also don't have venture capital, we want to grow on our own. This all ensures that feediary will be here to stay.

What's next

The initial launch is a big step for us. We've spent months to build the first version and are now almost ready to present it to the public. We expect to launch in the next weeks.

Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed so you know when you can start using feediary.

Stay curious and have a great day,
Johanna, Michael