What's new in feediary 1.1 - Rename feed titles, keyword feeds, new setting, PWA

One month after the initial launch of feediary, we are happy to present a new version. Here is what has changed.

Rename feed titles

You are now able to rename a feed title. To do so, open a feed, click on "Edit" there and you will see a page where you can enter a new title for a feed. Often websites have multiple RSS feeds, but unfortunately they all have the same title, so you end up with various feeds with the same name. From now on you can rename them, so you don't have to guess which feed belongs to which URL.

Google Keywort Alert feed

You want to keep up-to-date with a keyword? You can do that now with feediary. When adding a new feed you now have the option to enter a keyword followed by !g to add a Goggle Keyword Alert feed. Head over to New Feed page and add your first Keyword feed.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Did you know you could add feediary to your Homescreen on your mobile phone in supported browsers (Chrome for Android, iOS Safari, Samsung Internet, Firefox for Android and others). You either add it via the browser menu, or you will now also get a banner when you are logged in and visiting the Reader in some browsers.

You can now also view visited pages when offline in supported browsers. While this is not perfect yet, we are already working on improving the offline experience so you will soon be able to read all favorited items while offline. Stay tuned.

Add to homescreen banner

Open items directly in a new tab

On your Settings page there is a new option called "Open items directly in a new tab" - Upon activating this, when clicking on an item it will open the site directly in a new tab instead of opening it in an overlay. Various users requested this feature, and we are glad we could release it so fast.

Screen showing the Settings page

Smaller Changes

What's next

Many thanks to everyone contacting us regarding feature requests or issues they found. If you find any bug, have a feature request or just want to say Hi, please write us or mention us on Twitter.