feediary 1.4 - let us filter that for you

A new version of feediary is out. This one is all about filters and some small tweaks.

Filters (PRO)

If you are a PRO user you will now see filters in your reader view.

Filter Widget: At top button to close filter, underneath select fields and input field to filter by words

Let's see how these filters work. First, there is an option to choose which parts you want to filter, you can filter by title, by content or by title and content. Next you can decide if the word(s) should be included (contains) and not (not contains). After that is an text field, where you can decide which word(s) you want to filter. You can use AND (uppercase) to filter content which contains both words, e.g. RSS AND reader or you can use OR (also uppercase) to filter for content which contains either word, e.g. RSS OR reader. You can also filter just for one word, e.g. reader.

Once you click on »Filter« you will only see content filtered by the criteria. If you want to see all items again you can use »Reset filter«.


As requested by some users, we now show a bigger favicon in the overlay. This should make it easier to see which article belongs to which site.

Unread count

After a report from a user, we found about an issue with the unread count, where the wrong count was shown for single feeds. The problem was that we somehow only checked for the visible items on a site without taking into account that there may be more unread items on one of the further pages. This is now fixed and you will see the correct unread count no matter how many there are.


We now show what features you will get as a PRO user on the upgrade page. We hope this makes the decision easier for people to upgrade to PRO. If you haven't yet upgraded, please consider doing so - it will make a big impact!

Many thanks to everyone contacting us regarding feature requests or issues they found. If you find any bug, have a feature request or just want to say Hi, please write us or mention us on Twitter.