Share your feeds

One of the less known features of feediary is the option to share your feeds with friends. In this post we will explain how you can see your share page(s), how you can share them and how others can easily add any of your feeds to their feediary.

Share all your feeds

If you login into feediary and visit your feed overview you will find a link at the top with the text »Share your feeds list«. If you open this link you will see your personal share site. As you may know, feediary is private by default, so of course also this link is only visible by you by default. So, if you want to share it you have to make it public before, which can be done in your settings page.

This is your public feeds site. You can use this link to share it with your friends. - justmarkup is following 384 feeds on feediary

Once you made it public, you can now share your personal share site with all your friends. They will see your name (if you have chosen one) and all the feeds you are following. If they are also logged in to feediary, the will furthermore have the option to add one of your feeds to their feediary with one click.

Share a list of feeds

If you are a PRO user you can also share any of your lists. To share a list, open your list overview and select one of your lists. Once on a single list, you will find a link at the top »Share your list« - this is the link you can share with friends so they can view all feeds you added to this list.

This is great if you follow different topics (let's say cooking, web development and samba dancing) and want to share all feeds associated with a specific topic.

If you have any questions regarding sharing your feeds please write us or mention us on Twitter.

Happy sharing!