Browser extensions released

Many users asked us about building a feediary browser extension and after several weeks of development we now released extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Once you install the extension you will see all available feeds for the current site by clicking on the feediary icon. The real benefit starts once you are logged in to feediary. Now you can see if you already subscribed to a feed on a page and if not can add the feed in one click.


The feediary extension popup on the Mozilla blog, showing two available feeds and one already subcribed.

Here is the download link for the firefox extension.


If you are using Chrome, you can find the chrome extension here.

If you find any issues or have feature requests, don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear what you think about our extensions.

If you are not using feediary by now, why not give it a try and Sign up. Get started for free and become a PRO member later any time.