Sharp Marketing Method

Planning your online business  is oh so important! Firstly, look ahead and think about where you’d like to take your business AND your personal life one year from now. (Personally, if I could earn around $50,000 in the first year I’d be over the moon.)

Alex Jeffreys teaches his students to start small and think BIG. The plan should include leisure and holidays as well as the business aspects.

Once we have set a 12 month target, we can then break it down into 4 quarterly plans. The first quarter is then divided into 3 one-month plans. The first month can then become our primary focus. This is when we set up the structure of our online business.

Alex Jeffreys’ advice is to concentrate on one week at a time – he calls it “taking baby steps”. While working on the current week, always have a plan for the coming week.

So, your homework is to think about your first 12 month goal. Start a journal and make a few notes. Have fun with it! Plan to enjoy the journey.

If you decide to follow along with me as I grow my online business, then you can grow your business too. I have taken Alex Jeffreys’ advice and put aside my original intention of working in a couple of niches I am passionate about. I’m going to spend my first year in the internet marketing niche so that I can emulate Alex’s success. By then I will have gained a shipload of knowledge & experience which I will then be able to apply to the other niches.

You really ought to consider doing the same. Together we can follow Alex’s lead and get the best advice, straight from the horse’s mouth. He’s right up there with the marketing thoroughbreds!

Alex has given us the first 7 day plan – to set up a blog (an online journal, something like this one). Your blog will be the force behind your online business – the powerhouse, the hub. In my next post I will talk about the set-up process, but first you need to find a name for your blog. The name should incorporate your name and what the blog is about (eg. or

I have lined up a great deal for you with one of my fellow students, Garry Parkes ( He has agreed to install your basic WordPress blog for FREE! Great for those of you who are absolute beginners. Garry will also set you up with the cheapest hosting plan on the internet – only $4 a month! Wow!

If you are interested, leave a comment after this post, with your name & email address and we will organize to get you started. But first, you must decide on your blog/business name (domain name). The cheapest place to get a domain name is (It will cost you less that $10 per year.)

Meanwhile, I strongly advise you to download the free ebook in the box on the right of my blog. You will get a ton of information about Alex and his profit pulling platform and you will learn about building your very own list. You have probably already read umpteen times that “the money is in the list”. Your blog will help you build your list and you will be on your way to online success.

It may be a few days before my next post as I’ll be celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I hope you have a fantastic festive season and do try to start planning your online business.


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