In Phase 1 we touched briefly on researching companies at the Direct Selling Association ( website. Choosing the right network marketing company is a time consuming but well worth the effort process. The right company should be a company who has been around for a few years or more and has a proven track record of growth and a strong, positve outlook for the long road ahead. A word of caution. Do not join a company who claims to be “Ground Floor Opportunity”. The internet is loaded with these types of so called ” opportunities” that in the end presents itself as a real waste of time. Some of these ground floor companies do not have a product and are interested in positioning people and leading them on until they take enough money from alot of people. What you need to do is, when you find a company whose product(s) or service fullfills a niche, you should try their products first and maybe share them with a few other people and find what they think of the product(s) and or services themselves. This is excellent feedback and will more than likely determine if this particular company is right for you.

After you have studied and personally tested the products yourself, find out how long this company has been in business and number of distributors. Make sure the companies products do fullfill a niche market and are consumable on a monthly basis . Also, it is important to understand that when marketing these products or services, that you are also using them yourself. How can you duplicate your business and grow if you do not use them? Make sure these products or services has a benefit to the end user.

Find yourself a good upline. Most people when they get into this business are not properly trained on how to grow their business. Your upline should be able to teach and pass it on to you so you can teach and pass it on to your organization. Make sure also that you are in a good group because most of these groups have training calls that you can plug into and are extremely helpful and motivational. Be aware of the upline who is trying to promote a fast money scheme to you. Network marketing is in no way an overnight success venture. The problem with most distributors in this business is that they tend to promote as a fast money type program. Also, look out for uplines who claim they will do all of the work for you and you don’t have to basically lift a finger to do any work. Believe it or not, this is quite common.Some distributors will also try to promote downline builders clubs. They don’t work.They never will. And they are quite common on the internet.

The problem with this type of teaching is that when someone decides they want to get involved with network marketing, and they fall for this type of deception, nobody wins. The person promoting this method either does not care or is doing what his or her upline is doing and teaching. What happens next, is people quit in disgust and then they blame the company or network marketing. One thing to remember is , you are in a business and it takes work for success to happen. Finally, in choosing a network marketing company, MAKE A DECISION. Don’t spend too long If one really stands out. Find out all you can and get going. If you are struggling with the right company, find at least three companies that peak your interest and then choose the best one.

(c)Copyright 2006 David Weeks