The Difference Between Advertising and Connecting

When you start promoting your business on facebook or any other social networking site you want to remember what these sites are intended for… Socializing. Connecting.

Facebook is NOT a place where people come to be sold to. They come to Facebook to connect and meet new people.

Does this mean you can’t promote your business on Facebook?

Heck no.

It does mean you have to do it the RIGHT way. It means you have to tell stories. You have to answer questions. You have to be relatable. You have to NOT ADVERTISE.

This is true whether you’re posting to your timeline, to groups and to pages… it’s all about the connection.

We know that people connect with people ~ and buy from people right?

Are you being the person people want to connect with?

Which of these would you be more likely to pay attention to?

> I am looking for someone to join my team!!!! Not only do you get an amazing product that helps you lose weight and gain incredible energy, you can make extra money!!! You can even earn a FREE BMW!!!! Not to mention all the incredible people that will be brought into your life by joining this incredible family!! Join me TODAY!!! What are you waiting for??

> This is ME! TODAY the scale read 30 pounds gone! I can’t tell you first of all how mortifying it was to have packed on so many pounds, but most importantly, simply wanting to be healthy for my kids. It feels amazing! You guys…don’t wait to start the <company name removed>. What are you looking to achieve over the next 90 days…weight loss, building lean muscle, better overall health? Message me today, and I’ll get you started. Let’s do this together. (a before and after picture was right below this message)

These messages related to the same company ~ the same product ~ and are VERY different. Can you see how one makes people ask questions and want to connect with you and the other just looks like hype that’s worth ignoring?

The thing is.. that while these company specific messages are important, what’s even more important are the messages and content you put on Facebook that are completely NON company related. Those are the messages that really help you connect with people. Those are the messages that help people see you as a real person. Those are the messages that help people see if they have anything in common with you, get to know you, and see if they might like you.

Company specific posts are great ~ but they need to be stories… they need to be something people can relate to AND they need to be NO MORE than 20% of the posts you have on your page.

The other 80% of your posts need to talk about YOU, your life, your kids, you likes, your hopes, your dreams. Because that’s where the real connection between you and someone who stumbles across your page lies. In YOU…


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