We can all remember the statement from the movie “Field of Dreams” where it states, “Build it and they will come.” You should be excited to know this is not the way it works for your website or blog. Yes, you should be excited it will take a little work to get them to come. Let us take a minute and look at the power of SEO for your GDI website or blog, and why you should be happy about the added work.

Research and Effort – The Key to Higher Traffic

The two key factors in getting your site to have higher rankings and increased traffic are very simple:

* Research – Uncovering keywords and phrases people search for with lower competition.
* Effort – Creating content and backlinks which get your site ranked highly.

Those two elements are the basic core to all your SEO efforts for your GDI business. Before we dig into those two areas, it is time for your to understand why this is a good thing.

The Benefit of Ranking Not Being Easy

You are already aware you are facing competition in your GDI business. There are many people both promoting GDI and other offers who are your competitors. The good news is most of them hate to work and will avoid it. If you are willing to spend just a little more time doing research and a little extra effort on promoting your site you will leap past them and start getting the traffic. What appears to be a negative is actually a big benefit to anyone who really wishes to build their business.

Research for Success with GDI

The first place you will wish to spend some time is in your research for your SEO efforts. You can use the free Google Adwords Keyword tool for most or your research. Brainstorm and think of things people seeking a business opportunity or to create a website might search for. By uncovering phrases with lower competition you can start generating targeted traffic much easier.

Try to think the same way you first stumbled upon GDI. What kind of things did you type into the search engines? Dig deeply into these phrases and let your mind expand the ideas.

Effort – Building Backlinks and Traffic Funnels for SEO

Most SEO experts will tell you quite bluntly, backlinks are the driving force of rankings. Not just any backlinks, but quality backlinks. This is where effort is going to play a big role in SEO for your GDI website or blog. You need to find videos, blogs, groups, and other places to leave links to your website to help increase your rankings. Creating your own group of mini-sites or Web 2.0 sites to funnel traffic and rankings is a good idea, too.

If this portion sounds overwhelming you must realize it can all be outsourced very inexpensively. Instead of your effort being spent in creating the links you can be the manager behind the work.

SEO for your GDI website or blog is an opportunity you should not overlook. Take the little extra time to research keywords. Add the effort to build backlinks. When you combine these two factors you will begin to see increases in traffic and higher numbers of sign-ups into your GDI business.