How would you like to earn some serious money while on a long, boring journey somewhere?
If the answer is “yes” then get out those laptops for some rummy online.

An excellent version of the card game I have in mind for you is the ‘ first to score hundred points wins’.
The points you accumulate depend on the cards you’re left with when an opponent has knocked.

Have you ever been on a train or plane with your laptops and little else to do and you’d felt the need for a time pass activity and of course, bet and win some money? The pros are usually fond of some poker game or the other.
Other pros elsewhere are usually fond of playing “crash” (it’s the old 13-card Brag). Poker and Crash both have severely complex rules that you could easily forget, especially after enjoying some beers or seeing some pretty faces around.

Regular blokes might pick up online rummy.
So which rummy online game version would it be?
If you are playing with regular guys, then it is best to go with ‘first to knock’ online Gin Rummy.
However, for the brave hearted, there are some nice and very interesting variations…

Before we begin, let me tell you that you have to to avoid trying to predict how the rummy online would play out.
Nosterdamus might have tried to predict the future some four hundred years ago; however had the poor bloke been alive today he wouldn’t have had a whiff of a chance of helping you by predicting how the cards would be dealt out.
In rummy online you can’t really predict anything.
Besides, where’s the fun then uh?
In fact, it wouldn’t even be associated with gambling at all and would be a different ball game altogether.
So let’s get to the meat of it all – the scoring…

Points Make for Prizes in Rummy Online

The top version of this game is ‘the first to hundred points is the winner’.
Your rummy online score is going to be based on what cards you hold when the other players have knocked.
So if you see that the player who has knocked has a lower total as compared to the other players in the game, you should add the difference to his total.
Do it in a way so the other player can see you do it.
The first player to knock will also get a further twenty points if he has a gin (i.e. a completed 10-card hand).
Incase the player who knocks has a score that is more than that of the other players, the difference, along with a 10-point bonus will be added to all other players’ score card.
This is called ‘undercut bonus’ of the rummy online game.

You get a cool twenty points every time you knock first.
But remember, these are not added to your hundred point total.
Any bonuses you earn are only added to your total at the end of the rummy online game.
Another hundred points are added to the winner’s score – a cool two hundred points are added if the other player failed to get points.

How do you keep the score in rummy online?
My favorite method is to open the Microsoft Excel and enter the scores there. Microsoft Excel makes it very easy to total up and keep tabs on each others points. But chances are the other players (specially if they are not your friends) might think you’ve fiddled with the figures so the next best alternative is to simply take a pen from some unfortunate co-passenger and jot the tally on a piece of paper or blank part of a newspaper or magazine and you’re ready to go.
Offcourse, if you are playing rummy online at  then you wont need a paper to keep score.
So how does one go about betting in this game?
You may well have a ten buck wager on who acquires hundred points first.
Or, you can have each point to be worth a buck with the loser shelling out the difference.
At first glance you might think you couldn’t possibly make much out of this rummy online game.
However, let me tell you that this may be very deceptive and the game can easily turn out to be a costly one to lose or a very lucrative game in which you could make some serious money.
So you must ensure that you write down the simple rules on a piece of paper and pass it around amongst the other players so everyone agrees to whatever the rummy rules are before game begins.
You don’t want fights afterwards – especially not when you’ve won it.

Variations on the rummy online game include a twenty-five point bonus, a bonus of twenty-five points for the undercut.
Throw in another twenty-five points for being the first to knock.
Another version could be to consider the winning player scoring double if his adversary does not earn any points.
Again, decide on the scoring method before the game begins as well as how you propose to start the game.

As in the game of poker where variations are named after states so also in Rummy Online, you have similar variations.
Instead of Omaha or Texas, in Gin you have Oklahoma.
In this game version of rummy online the total points you have to knock is not set but rather it is decided by the first face up card.
The picture cards usually denote ten while an ace card usually equals one.
If an ace turns up, you can only knock by directly going for gin.
Irrespective of how the online rummy places out, you can work out your own scoring techniques.
But just make sure everyone’s in agreement with the scoring rules.

Group Stages

If you are a group of four, you could try the four-player rummy online.
This game however requires quite a bit of teamwork.
In this type, two games take place concurrently and players separate into two teams of two players each.
Scoring is similar to the 2-player version.
Both totals are summed up and the difference between the scores of the two teams goes to the higher scoring team.
The first side to reach hundred twenty five points wins.

There is also the 3-player version of Rummy Online  that has one player performing as dealer for every game.
The one who loses the game goes on to become the next dealer.
If you really want to earn some cool dough, I’d suggest you play this version as you can win twice the amount.

So if you’re ready, all you need apart from your laptops is a pen, some napkin or blank piece of paper and optionally, a few beer cans.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did the first time I played with my buddies while on a train from Boston to Philadelphia. Enjoy!