It doesn’t matter if you have the best looking, most expensive website in the world if you have no traffic. Without it you have no chance. None.
Posted: Wednesday 15th June 2011

There are millions of online businesses on the World Web. Not all of them become roaring successes, however. In fact, quite a few have to close shop because their websites simply do not appeal to the public. Yet others manage to do average business. The ones that rise to the top in the business world, have done so, through sheer will power, hard work, and intelligence. They have taken the time to study Internet marketing trends and the behaviour of online customers. Hence, they have comprehended how to attract web traffic and hold on to it, to garner high sales and good profits.

There is no big secret to the successful running of an e-commerce venture. As mentioned above, if you get enough web traffic, you have it made. This is what every noteworthy Internet-based business owner will tell you. Do not focus on sales, just focus on visitors. Never mind if they come to your website, only to window shop. If they become frequent visitors, then sooner or later, they will purchase your services or goods. Thus, you will have succeeded in converting potential customers into actual buyers.

It really does not matter if you have a low conversion rate in the initial stages. The increasing number of hits to your website will fetch you good revenue anyway. To illustrate, let us suppose that around 2,500 people visit your website daily. Maybe, around 250 sales are generated. This would be a 10% conversion rate. This is good enough for a small or medium business like yours. Just keep at it, however, and your sales graph should be on the rise. Patience is the key to your success.

(1)   Attracting more newcomers to your website. They must be induced to pay repeat visits.

(2)   Convincing your current subscribers to peruse all the web pages of your website, so that they feel inclined to make a few purchases.

Now, you can work out various strategies to implement these techniques. They are applicable to all kinds of sites. It is imperative that you indulge in a little research first, that is, take time to study the market trends. Accordingly, conceptualise your techniques to make them workable, without putting in too much of effort. Do not just jump in, without familiarising yourself with the A-B-C of the methods. This will only lead to frustration. Practice a never-say-die attitude.

(1)  Here is what you could do, to ensure that more newcomers step into your online shop. Now, you cannot do anything about the moods of the visitors; some will fly away quickly and return later, some will stay longer at the first visit itself. You can, however, go all out to make sure that your website captures attention always. Try to make a list of things that can appeal to your potential customers—knowledge related to your niche; a professionally-designed website with a sophisticated appearance; web pages that display exactly what your potential customers are looking for, in an eye-catching manner; fast-loading web pages; and easy negotiation through the website. To put it in simple words, your online shop stood stand head and shoulders above the rest.

(2)  Do not, on any account, put up matter that can be mistaken for Spam, or considered unethical. You will be penalised for breaking World Web rules, as the owner, webmaster and designer. You are a quality person; your web pages should scream “quality”. As far as advertising is concerned, take up free strategies for now; you can go in for paid advertising later on, after having earned some profits.

(3)   Here are some suggestions to ensure that your current subscribers spend more time at your website. The best way to do this is to display interesting, innovative, relevant content on your web pages. Keep it updated regularly. If your regular customers feel curious about what you are going to display next, they will keep coming back for more. You will not have to worry about sales, then.

Provide subtle hints about blogging. If they like your website, they can post blogs about it. This should push you up in the page rankings. In fact, you can blog about your website too. Always, use proper keywords or key phrases at strategic locations in your articles. Keep the matter relevant to your niche, do not divert from it. Let it have sufficient reliable statistics to support the information regarding your services or products. In fact, stamp your articles with your own unique style and identity. You can rest assured that every one will stay back, to view more. They will even come back frequently.